Friday, June 19, 2009


The bots lost.
So what.
Man created machines.
JohanBot rusted a little.
The 16 year old owned him for a while.
Then the 16 year old came on.
Bowled Prasads from a little shimmy.
Called them leggies.
Fooling the bots.
Including the Devilbot.
Even the goalie screwed his palms.
Net net the bots rattled.
Clang was the sound.
Shaaksbot still converts fallen hair.
Into shows of flair.
DumBot did a few things well.
Just that the trajectories were a little too acute.
Men,16 year olds and wolves should rule robots.
That they did.
So what.
The bots are 'chokers'.
Claim the estate of the 4th.
Here I ask them,so what may son.
As long as they dont turn into frankensteins.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


malfunction of the ageral muscle screw.
probots are currently losing.
but probots quickly rig the thumpire machine.humanoid prince goes out.
Another throw from 76 meters end 3.3 millimeters west of the planar surface of the middle stump.
Then the devilbot stationed long gulps a catch from zakhan.devilbot had his foot spread 3.8 feet wide,not recommended.
Left armed altarboy still unable to free iz arms.Remains grounded and down to earth.He is likely to go back and rear kutchi mules.

Incidentally,ex probot opener is in charge of the humanoids.
That is correct.

By the way,the Probots won.